5 Famous people born on December 8

On December 8, there were a number of born including actress Kim Basinger and singer AnnaSophia Robb. Here are five other individuals who were important in history and share December 8 birthdays.


Horace, poet

Horace was a Roman lyric poet who was alive during the time of Augustus. His birthday was way back on December 8, 65 BC. He died at the age of 56 and left behind the classic “Odes,” a collection of Latin lyric poems he‘d written.


Eli Whitney, inventor

Whitney was born in Westborough, Massachusetts back in 1765 and died in 1825. The man famous for inventing the Cotton Gin would be a mere 253-years-old today.


Jim Morrison, singer

Morrison was the lead singer of popular rock band, The Doors. One of their biggest hits was “Break On Through.” In March of 1971 Morris left for Paris to try to get a fresh perspective for himself. Unfortunately, he died months later of a heroin overdose.


Sam Kinison, comedian

Sam Kinison was known for his standup comedy which had an intense style and trademark scream with it. He was born in Yakim, Washington in 1953 and died at 38 in California due to being hit by a driver who had been drinking.


Diego Rivera, painter

Rivera was born in 1886 in Guanajuato City, Mexico. He helped to establish the Mexican mural movement within Mexican art. In addition to having murals in Mexico City, he also painted murals in United States cities including San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City.

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