Analyst Upside Underscores Impressive Growth for Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK)

Shaers of Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) have been recommended as a long term growth pick.  With the firm’s stock price currently trading around $4.73, the firm has proven a solid track record of growth over the recent years.  Investors might consider the stock as a long term growth candidate as the firm has yielded 21.20% earnings per share growth over the past 5 years and -5.10% revenue growth over that same time frame. 

Trying to extract profits from the stock market is not the easiest of tasks. In fact, it can be quite difficult. Amateur traders may be faced with tough challenges right out of the gate. Some traders may experience some crushing blows, and they have to figure out early on how to steady the ship. Completing all the necessary research can help the trader build a solid foundation, but when the rubber hits the road, it may take more than that just to stay afloat. Developing the proper mindset can be one of the biggest contributing factors for success in trading the stock market. This may take some time to achieve, but it may make all the difference when attempting to reach the goal of long lasting success.

Long-term growth (LTG) is an investing strategy where a stock will (hopefully) grow in value for a relatively long period of time.  Long-term growth should be considered to be a relative term, due to different styles and goals of investors, but the endgame is the same. 

Recent Performance

Let’s take a look at how the stock has been performing recently.  Over the past twelve months, Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK)’s stock was 19.44%.  Over the last week of the month, it was 7.50%, -10.25% over the last quarter, and  53.57% for the past six months. 

Over the past 50 days, Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s stock is -5.02% off of the high and 21.90% removed from the low.  Their 52-Week High and Low are as follows: -15.54% (High), 86.96%, (Low). 

Analyst Recommendation

Despite the past success, investors want to know where the stock is headed from here.  Analysts covering the shares have a consensus short-term price target of $4.49 on the equity.   Analysts have a consensus recommendation of 3.30 based on a 1 to 5 scale where 1 represents a Strong Buy and 5 a Strong Sell.