Dad‘s heartwarming job plea for son with Aspergers

It‘s not easy for any parent to watch their child struggle to achieve something they desperately want, so when Scott Eagar saw the emotional toll repeated unsuccessful job interviews were having on his son, he stepped in to help.

Joshua Eager, from Sydney‘s Sutherland Shire, has Aspergers and was finding it difficult to land a job despite his dedication to hard work.

Each denial left the 20-year-old feeling dejected and so his dad decided they needed to try a different approach.

Scott Eager issued a plea to his community to help his son with his job hunt. facebook twitter email linkedin google-plus whatsapp pinterest reddit

Eager took to their local community Facebook group Everything Sutherland Shire and asked if anyone could help Josh out with finding a job.


“Joshua is a loving and hardworking boy who is 20 years old and has high functioning Aspergers,” the post read.

“He is currently studying baking at TAFE as he loves cooking, but just really wants to work.”

He included a photo of Josh, adding that his son was a “hard worker, reliable and honest”.

The response from the community was overwhelming, with hundreds of people commenting on the post to wish Josh luck and tag potential employers.

One of the group members, Rocky Pitarelli, offered Josh a trial at Caruso‘s Italian Restaurant in Gymea along with La Zona Bar and Grill.

Josh Eager couldn‘t be happier with his new job, his father says. Photo / Facebook facebook twitter email linkedin google-plus whatsapp pinterest reddit

While Josh was nervous to start his first shift, Eager told Yahoo News that by the end of it he couldn‘t have been happier.

“He rang me three times on the way home from the shift to tell me how good it was,” Eager said.

“It was about pride for him, not about the money. He‘s got a job and everyone treats him as an equal.”

After the success of the post, Eager once again took to Facebook to thank the community for their love and support.

“Thank you all for the amazing response. Great to see community spirit and heart is alive and well in Australia,” he wrote.

He also thanked Caruso‘s and Lazonas Bar and Grill for giving “my son a chance”.

“He‘s now working a few nights a week and the staff and owners have been wonderful,” Eager wrote.

“Disabilities (are) hard but my son couldn‘t be happier.”

The proud dad revealed that his son is so happy working at the restaurant and gets along so well with his co-workers that he always turns up early.

“They love him, he‘s keen and turns up an hour early, he‘d turn up the day before he could,” Eager said.

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