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Diving into the 2514 Valuation Score for The Hershey Company (HSY)

The Hershey Company (HSY) of the Consumer Staples sector has an ERP5 rank of 2514. The ERP5 Rank is an investment tool that analysts use to discover undervalued companies.  The ERP5 looks at the Price to Book ratio, Earnings Yield, ROIC and 5 year average ROIC.  The lower the ERP5 rank, the more undervalued a company is thought to be. Typically […]

Is Sprott Physical Gold & Silver Trust (CEF) Nearing a Turning Point?

Sprott Physical Gold & Silver Trust (CEF) shares have popped up on the radar as the RMI or Relative Momentum Indicator has trended higher over the past 5 sessions.  As the momentum builds, we will be closely watching to see if they cross into Overbought territory.  The Relative Momentum Index is calculated as the ratio of average upward price changes […]

Is Welltower Inc. (NYSE:WELL) Providing the ROE Investors Are Looking For?

Placing Welltower Inc. (NYSE:WELL) shares under the microscope we note that the firm has a current Return on Equity of 0.040103.  Simply put, this ratio determines how well the firm uses investment funds to generate profit.  This ratio is often considered “the mother of all ratios” as it often reveals how well a company is operating. Investors may be looking closely at […]

Stock Buzz: ASTM S.p.A. (BIT:AT), Boliden AB (OM:BOL) Quant Signals & Returns Under the Microscope

In trying to determine how profitable a company is per asset dollar, we can take a look at  the firm’s Return on Assets.  Return on assets is calculated by dividing a company’s net income (usually annual income) by its total assets, and is displayed as a percentage. At the time of writing, ASTM S.p.A. (BIT:AT) has 0.029595 ROA.  The measure is commonly used to compare the performance […]

Maxim Integrated (MXIM): Piotroski F Score Reading Above Five on These Shares

After a recent look, we have noticed that the Piotroski F Score is sitting at 5 or above for Maxim Integrated (MXIM). Traders may be paying close attention to the indicator and watching for financial strength. Once the individual investor has done all the fundamental homework and found a few stocks that they think are poised to be future winners, […]