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Cryptocurrency Update: QKC (QKC) Price Nears $0.04

Following the cryptocurrency market, we see that QKC (QKC) has recently touched the $0.04 level. Tracking some historical information, we note that the cryptocurrency has changed 3.64% over the past 24 hours, and moved -1.83% over the past 7 days. Tracking circulating supply levels, we note that the current reading is 801,649,919 * with a market capitalization of 31,853,454. Looking at recent volume levels, we have […]

Turtle Beach Corp (HEAR) Indicators in Focus; 40 Day CCI Touches Hold

Turtle Beach Corp (HEAR) are in focus as we look at near-term expected movement. The reading from the 40-day commodity channel index is currently Hold. The CCI indicator is mainly used to identify oversold and overbought levels. The signal direction is Bullish. Every investor strives to maximize returns in the stock market. To achieve success in the market, investors may […]

Momentum Watch: Emerson Electric Company (EMR) Spotted Above Chikou

Following recent price action, Emerson Electric Company (EMR) shares have been identified trading above the Chikou. When the stock is above this signal, traders will be looking out for possible upward momentum. Stock market investors are typically searching for solid quality companies to help boost the portfolio. There are plenty of quality companies out there, the tricky part may be […]

Can Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. (NYSE:MLM) Find Its Groove? Technical Review & Update

In taking a look at some key indicators for Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. (NYSE:MLM), we note that the current Book to Market value for the firm is at 0.458543. The Book to Market or BTM is calculated as Market Value (or Stock Price)/Book Value. Investors often look for shares with high Book to Market value as this could indicate that […]

FUN (FUN) in Focus: Currency Touches $0.00

After scanning through the crypto data, we have noted that FUN (FUN) has recently hit the $0.00 mark. Checking on circulating supply levels, we note that the value is 5,568,585,589 * with a market capitalization of 24,095,993. Watching some volume levels, we see that volume over the last 24 hours clocks in at 216,691. Tracking some historical price data for FUN (FUN), we […]