Scottish Government to give £300,000 of aid to Mali

The Scottish Government has given £300,000 from its humanitarian emergency fund (HEF) to help provide vital supplies such as food and water for displaced people in Mali.

The United Nations estimates the crisis in the West African country affects around 5.2 million people, of which 1.6 million need urgent food assistance.

The cash will be targeted on the the Mopti region, where almost half of homes have insufficient food and humanitarian needs are said to have escalated most due to inter-community conflict.


Minister for International Development Ben Macpherson said: “The situation in Mali is very serious and this funding will provide aid to those most desperately in need.

“HEF member aid agencies on the ground, with extensive knowledge of the conflict, will work to ensure that this funding is targeted in order to maximise impact and alleviate suffering.

“Scotland is a compassionate, outward-looking nation and that is why, in demonstrating good global citizenship, the Scottish Government’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund provides essential aid to those in desperate need.”

He said he hoped the move will help galvanise others to assist those affected by the crisis.

The HEF panel comprises Tearfund, Oxfam, Save the Children, British Red Cross, SCIAF, Mercy Corps, Mission Aviation Fellowship, and Christian Aid.

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